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Due to popular demand, the flagship online biogas training is now modular.

Especially since a large part of the world is in a “lockdown-mode” and it’s very hard to travel internationally right now, it’s more challenging to bring people together for a common goal.

Overview over all 14 event modules:

  1.  Overview & predictions for the biogas industry
  2.  Decision criteria and feasibility calculations
  3.  Technical plant design & selecting the right equipment
  4.  Substrate selection, pre-treatment and storage
  5.  Pump technology & pre-treatment of biogas substrates
  6.  Theory & practice of digester biology in AD
  7.  Digestate treatment, upgrading & marketing
  8.  Process control of biogas plants
  9.  Building materials for biogas plants
  10.  Safety measures & monitoring
  11.  Biogas upgrading, utilisation & biomethane infrastructure
  12.  Green gas, Bio-LNG and biomethane utilisation
  13.  Measuring technology and maintenance for biogas upgrading units
  14.  Q&A-Session


22. Februar - 15. März 2022




1.390,00 € (Ermäßigung möglich)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.ibbk-biogas.de